Microsoft is out to get me

Last week I downloaded one of the Microsoft updates that is supposed to make my computer and life easier, right?


When I boot my computer now I get a message that says “For your protection, we’re going to shut down Windows Explorer” or something like that. I can’t refuse it, so after it’s done, my start button, bar at the bottom of the computer, icons, and right-click on the desktop is gone. I can’t start any program or shut down without giving it the three-finger salute.

The help desk at work gave me a solution, but what the heck? Thanks Microsoft for updating me with things that don’t work and cause me not to get into my computer.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten an update from them and it ruined something.

Nuthin But Grass

Whoa! I had no idea there was a whole organization dedicated to playing Washers. I was introduced to the game in 1997 and a buddy of mine and I built portable set.

Back in Greenville, SC where we were living at the time, I was on local sports with the game. The sports anchor for the NBC affiliate in Greenville was Geoff Hart (who is still there now). Back then he had a weekly segment called “Hart Stoppers” where people would challenge him to some sport no matter what it was.

We challenged him.

I won.

Then the segment was on TV. I think I still have the tape around here somewhere. One of my favorite parts is once I tossed the washer into the hole and it “swished”. My buddy said, on camera, “Nuthin’ But Grass”. Classic.

Our game is a little different than the version I’ve recently read about. We added a backboard.

Thanks Jerry for letting me know there’s actually a nation-wide organization for the game!

Bird Bidet

Bird BidetPatricia and I went to Lake Eloa this weekend and I had my camera with me. There were lots of birds and reptiles around. I got some photos of some cool stuff I’ll have to show you later.

But I thought the angle of this shot was funny. Just looked like a bird on a bidet. 🙂

Click on the image for a larger view.

Tibba Jackson is Here!

I’m an Uncle again. My sister gave birth to another little girl named Victoria Susan Jackson this afternoon at 12:40.

We call her “Tibba” because at Christmas, someone sent a card to the girls that had each name listed along with “TBA” for the third. One of the girls asked what that word was and someone said, “It’s Tibba”.

The nickname stuck…we’ll see for how long!

Mother and family are doing great.