Child Stars

Seeing Michael Jackson self-destruct over the last few years (yes, he was acquitted, I know. It’s not a crime to be a freak). But it made me wonder…

Who are the child stars that have made it through adulthood relatively unscathed or honorable?

The only one I can think of is Stevie Wonder.

I’m sure there’s more. Aren’t there?

UPDATE: Good comments below suggesting Ron “Opie” Howard and Kirk Cameron.

UPDATE 2: Read a funny quote from Jay Leno, not about child stars, but high-profile celebrities on trial:

I was wondering, how does this make Martha Stewart feel? O.J. goes free, Robert Blake walks, Michael Jackson, not guilty,” he said. “She made a phone call, ‘Hello, is this my broker?’ Prison! She’s in prison! One phone call!

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  • Ron Howard? I guess it is debateable but I think he is relatively normal. He just put out a really good movie “Cinderella Man.” It is very much worth the price of admission. I’ll be suprised if it doesn’t win best picture. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.

  • rob

    Oohh! Little Ronnie. Yes! That’s a good one. See? I knew there were more.

    Still think Opie was the cutest kid in TV history.

  • How about the guy on Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron?? He is doing some ministry work I think.

  • TigerDad

    Don’t forget Shirley Temple. She grew up and “served our country under four presidents: Richard Nixon appointed her United States Representative to the United Nations in 1969, for Gerald Ford she was Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana and later the first woman White House Chief of Protocol, for Ronald Reagan she served as a foreign affairs officer with the State Department, and George Bush appointed her Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.” Not bad for a curly top singer.

  • rob

    Wow. I had no idea about Shirley Temple.