Boy this stinks. I talked to my doc today who’s helping me through this Candida diet I’m on. He dealt me tough news. I’m not calling it bad news because, well, I’m just not.

To recap: Starting back on May 1 I started the diet which means I can’t have sugar, carbs, alcohol, and vinegar (because it’s fermented). I’ve faithfully been on it since then. The results so far is I’ve made no progress on my main goal (to feel better) but I’ve made progress on my secondary goal (I’ve lost 12 pounds since then).

My doc didn’t understand why I’m not feeling better so I got some blood drawn a couple weeks ago to see if I have any food allergies or anything that I’m “hyper sensitive” to.

I’m hyper sensitive to many foods.

So now, my Candida diet gets extended to mid-Aug (it was hopefully going to be over in a couple weeks). Now I can’t have these foods until Dec 15: beef, wheat, navy beans, and malt. In addition until this time NEXT YEAR I can’t have: dairy, eggs, barley, oats, rye, and almonds.

In the words of Frank Barone: “Holy Crap!”

These foods produce free radicals in my system damaging and poisoning my digestive and immune systems. As a result, my stomach and gastro-intestinal system is often upset, I have a lack of energy, and have trouble sleeping.

I am hopeful though.


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  • It’ll all be worth it eventually.

  • Dennis Beck


    Jenn has had an allergy to gluten (wheat) since she came back from Japan in 2000. It really stinks, but she’s been able to keep up with the diet.

    I am allergic to dairy. I HATE IT! I love cheese, and think that soy/rice cheese tastes like crap.

  • It won’t be easy — but worth it! Keep up the diet — and I’ll be praying for you!

  • That sounds terrible! I know it’s been a long road to figuring out what is making you feel bad. Hopefully having a possible cure will help you through the next 6 months. We’ll be praying for you!