Observations Driving in CO & KS

We took off this morning from Fort Collins, Colorado and are now in Wichita, Kansas (I can never spell Wichita correctly). I thought I’d post some lessons I’ve learned on this trip:

  • If you think you have to go to the bathroom, think you might need to go soon, or think you will at some future point in your life and you see a bathroom, STOP! I learned the hard way.
  • The first lesson can be applied to gasoline. Thankfully I applied the first lesson to this one and we were fine.
  • Giving 75 cents worth of change in mostly dimes, nickels, and pennies to a toll booth lady can get you in trouble. I thought money was money. She thought I was being “cute”. We had nothing else.
  • Even on a goofy diet, you can still find things to eat.
  • You can talk to God from any state, but He doesn’t seem to talk back when in Kansas.
  • Speaking of God and Kansas, a friend told me Kansas was “Godless”. I disagree. I think He just forgot to decorate it much.
  • Speaking of decorating the states, there was a lot of cool country-side to see. Lots of shapes from rolling hills, sharp edges, and flat.
  • There’s something kind of sad seeing the great Rocky Mountains fade to nothing in your rear-view mirror.
  • Because of a wrong turn, we saw a great sunset over the Wichita skyline. Not bad.
  • There’s a lot of country music on the stations out here

We take off for Memphis tomorrow with a short stop in Little Rock.

Foto Friday

Continuing with my new tradition of a featured photo I’ve taken, I present this one today. (click on the image to read a description and larger image)



Happy Birthday, Sister

Hey my sister…it’s almost not your birthday anymore but I wanted to make sure there was a public acknowledgement of your day!

Congrats on another year. Hopefully we can see you soon.

The Party Next Door

We’re staying in an apartment this month. We’re upstairs with one other apartment. We’re the first door up the stairs.

Tonight our neighbors beside us had a party. They were cooking outside on the ground floor and moving up and down the stairs.

Two people came into our apartment tonight accidentally.

One of them came in twice.

We greeted them each time with “Hello!”

They were embarrassed.

We should lock our door.

But it was funny.

Fess up to Bad Movies

So fess up. How many of the biggest movie bombs have you seen? Are you shocked that any of them are on there? (BTW: looks like Pluto Nash maybe the worst of all-time).

I’ve seen:

  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Howard the Duck
  • Lost in Space
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control
  • Welcome to Mooseport

Most of those weren’t bad.