Oh My Lord

Today at our US Staff Confernece for Campus Crusade, we recited the Apostle’s Creed. We were then encouraged to pray through it. Here was my prayer:

Well, here goes…I really do believe in God. You’re the Father Almighty. Maker of Heaven and Earth. You know, that’s really easy to pray. Just acknoledging who You are. I do believe You’re Almighty and created everything.

And I believe in Jesus Christ. Yes, God’s only Son, our Lord. My Lord. Wait. What does ‘my Lord’ really mean? That’s out of date language. But I guess if He’s Lord, then that makes me a servant. A servant of Jesus? Oh yeah.

I’m a lousy servant. He is a gracious Lord.

That’s as far as I could get. I couldn’t even get past ‘our Lord’.

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