OK, AR, TN, NC, and SC

Our trip is coming to a close. I’ve told you about some observations of driving in Colorado and Kansas. Even mentioned some of Memphis. I thought I’d make a couple more observations about the rest of the trip so far:

  • There’s a difference between Kansas and Oklahoma: one of them has trees.
  • Oklahoma was like a green version of driving out of Colorado.
  • I’m really not anti-Kansas. I thought it was pretty.
  • I’ve never been to Arkansas before. I was VERY impressed with it’s beauty.
  • We stopped in Little Rock for coffee and a visit with some friends…that was fun.
  • There’s nothing on the west side of the Mighty Missip. Memphis starts with a bang!
  • Tennessee is one long state.
  • God seems to speak a little more in Arkansas…I think.
  • Tennessee is very pretty also.
  • Driving I-40 in North Carolina is even prettier! The mountains on this side are smoother and shorter than their western counterparts, but it’s just as magnificent.
  • One of the prettiest drives I know, though not long, is dropping out of Asheville into Greenville County (my home county in South Carolina) on Hwy 25.
  • It’s good to be back with family in Simpsonville, SC.
  • It feels like we’ve gone much further than just 1600 miles.
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  • Glad you made it to SC! Tell everybody I said “hey” — and hold “Tibba’ for me. Post pictures if you can!