• Happy Birthday!

  • You’re 34??? You can’t fool me… you don’t look a day over 33 1/2.

  • I’ll be 42 on aug 5th, i think…
    is that a bad sign that you cant remember your age?
    anyway happy birth day dude

    i hope your not offended by the dude reference

  • Happy Birthday! YOU are SO young. 🙂

  • Have a great one! I thought it was August 8 — but I guess I was wrong! 🙂

  • rob

    Thanks, everyone!

  • Happy Birthday to Rob! Happy Birthday to Rob!! Hey Florence said that you guys said HI! HI right back at ya!! I miss you guys. Talk to you later

  • I missed it! Now it’s belated! Sorry… happy birthday… now you’re just as old as me. How does it feel? 🙂

  • Happy 34th & a couple days!

  • Happy Birthday (2 days late)!

  • Dude!

    Happy belated birthday. Can you tell I’m a few days behind on my RSS feeds? 😉

    Steve K.

  • Happy Belated Birthday!