Tuesday’s Got Nothing

I’ve thought this for a long time, but a co-worker disagrees. Here’s my take on the days of the week.

Sunday: Weekend
Monday: At least we know going in it’s Monday
Tuesday: Got nothing
Wednesday: Middle of the week
Thursday: Almost Friday
Friday: Friday
Saturday: Weekend

So you see, Tuesday just has nothing going for it. Heck, there isn’t any football on Tuesday’s either (usually). It can’t be all that great.

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  • Hey! There was a day when I was NAMED instead of just being a “coworker”…..

    good grief.

  • tuesday can be referred to as “two’s day” b/c its the second day of the work week.

    its often the day that fast food establishments have deals, like “toonie tuesday’s” but thats pretty obviously canadian

  • Tuesday is the day you get all the work done that you were going to do Monday before Monday hit the fan.

  • tuesday is fantasy football regroup and restrategize day.

    because nothing else matters.