More on Robertson

After I wrote this I felt a little bad. I started thinking about how I was name-calling and casting stones. But that was my first reaction. I thought about taking it down but decided for authenticity of my reaction rather than censorship.

I wouldn’t call him names again…though I have my own strong personal opinions about him and his ilk. What bugs me is that he is seen as a leader in the Christian world and represents the US to many — but he doesn’t represent me…though what I do have in common with him is we both say things we shouldn’t. I can relate to the poor sap, that’s for sure!

Another fleeting thought I had was what’s the difference in calling for Chavez’ head and being upset when missile strikes on Osama bin Laden were scrubbed? In the latter, I’m upset the strike didn’t work (BTW, these were pre-9/11). The former is assassination. Murder is murder. Argh!

No matter what, this was a dumb statement for Robertson to make. That’s what frustrates me. But then again, I’m glad it’s him and not me. I’d probably say dumb things too if more mics were pointed at me.

What I want my life to look like is not like Robertson, but more like Jesus. Unfortunately, what scares me a little, is when I examine my life, I see more of the boneheaded-ness of Robertson then the righteousness of Jesus in my life.

That’s when I really shudder.

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  • I’m notorious for foot-in-mouth disease! And I have been guilty in the past of following evangelists instead of Jesus, which I have been and am attempting to correct.

    I do watch The 700 Club because their news coverage is better than any I have seen out there, e.g., stories about the link between breast cancer and abortion.

    And thanks for not slamming me!

    God Bless…

  • As I said in my post about this, reating as Christ would react to situations in life is never easy –saying what Jesus would have us say, doing what Jesus would have us do. The point is looking to Jesus for guidance — not to others.