• I believe I need extensive further research before I can really speak on the matter.

  • Anonymous

    I am with Keith all the way! (Of course I also was born and raised in The Great State.) I will admit that I often make a mean “Hungarian” version of the NC pulled pork, since beef is scarce and pricey here in Budapest. I tried to get beef brisket here ONCE…big mistake! They cut it width wise so I got steaks with 4 inches of fat and a little line of beef at the bottom for about $10— V. Seely

  • rob

    I agree with nobrainer! I need more research!

  • Well, I like them both! But,Rob, you’re right – pork is better! And, like you, the ketchup-based sauce is better, not too sweet or spicy – just right!

  • Pork BBQ with ketchup-based sauce, heavy on the Frank’s Red Hot, and cole slaw on top.

  • Lee

    Pork, definitely. Maurice’s mustard-based sauce (I believe only found in the Columbia, SC area) is my favorite.

    BBQ has fascinatingly different meanings in different places. Out here in East Texas it apparently means regular cooked meat with sauce. The (mostly ketchup based) sauces I’ve had are fairly good, but it’s not the same without the slow-cooked meat.

    (BTW, I hope being a Tiger fan won’t be too hard for me in the near future since I work at Texas A&M.)