lost wiki

One of my new favorite shows is Lost on ABC. I admit I really didn’t watch it last year but saw some of the last eppy last season. I watched the season 1 recap last week and have really gotten into the show.

Really interesting and entertaining.

Today I found the LOST Wiki. Hopefully this will help me get a little more caught up…either that or figure out how to watch all of Season 1 that I missed.


Tony Morgan has a list of 10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader:

10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader

  1. You’re waiting on a bigger staff and more money to accomplish your vision.
  2. You think you need to be in charge to have influence.
  3. You’re content.
  4. You tend to foster division instead of generating a helpful dialogue.
  5. You think you need to say something to be heard.
  6. You find it easier to blame others for your circumstances than to take responsibility for solutions.
  7. It’s been some time since you said, “I messed up.”
  8. You’re driven by the task instead of the relationships and the vision.
  9. Your dreams are so small, people think they can be achieved.
  10. No one is following you.


My laptop has been running really slow the last month or so. I took off all unnecessary programs, ran all the spyware and cleaners, etc. Nothing.

Yesterday we reinstalled the OS.

Now I get to rebuild everything. We backed up all my “stuff”, but it doesn’t back up all the customizations I had set in Outlook, the desktop, etc.

It’s both fun and frustrating.

But my laptop is running so fast now. It’s like new!

presidential food

Flickr Photo origninally uploaded by sillydog.

My wife and I were just discussing this. You know how each President of the US has a favorite food? For example:

  • Jimmy Carter liked peanuts
  • Ronald Regan liked jelly beans
  • George Bush liked, uh, I don’t remember. I know it wasn’t broccoli though.
  • Bill Clinton liked M&Ms
  • George W Bush likes, uh, dang. What’s with the Bush guys? UPDATE: Seems it’s Mexican food.

So anyway, if I were President mine would be candy corn (Farley’s to be exact). Patricia’s would be chocolate chip cookies.

What would yours be (or either Bush)?