Football Starts Tonight

Woo Hoo! College football gets underway tonight! Oh baby! The highlight game will be South Carolina taking on UCF. UCF has not won in their last 15 tries and Carolina is coming off a 6-5 season sporting their new ol’ ball coach.

I think Carolina will win…but to be honest, I won’t be to surprised if UCF actually hangs around a bit. I think they only hang around IF Carolina lets them. It’s the Gamecock’s game to lose.

I’d love to post the headline tomorrow “Good Knight!” for a Golden Knight victory. 😉

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  • Well, UCF certainly made the 4th quarter interesting.

    I was switching back and forth between that and the Steelers-Panthers game. (I know, it was a meaningless pre-season game, but it was still excellent to see the Steelers pull that game out at the end!)

  • Rob — I’m not sure if you are really a UCF fan, or a USC non fan. Just kidding — I know you are a UCF fan! Yea — the 4th qtr. was interesting — but I’m glad the ‘Cocks pulled it out!

    As for the Panthers game — like Paul said — nothing but a meaningless pre season game! 🙂