Whew! We Won!

Clemson helmetMan that was close! Clemson beat Texas A&M tonight with a last minute field goal. Kicked 6 of those suckers tonight.

Man! I’ll take the win, but I don’t like we got into the red zone several times and couldn’t punch it in. But all in all, well, we won. Whew!

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  • I really hope that CU and Texas A&M renew this series because that was a great game to watch. From all reports, the Tiger fans loved their trip to College Station and were very welcoming to the Aggies this year.

    Great game.

  • That did seem to be a good game. A LOT better than what we were getting here (Pitt-Notre Dame). Fortunately I was back on that game when ABC did their cut away to the Clemson game and got to see the winning kick. (I had been flipping back and forth to the Ga Tech – Auburn game)

    Like I said in a post over at my blog, I LOVE an upset