Setting up a laptop

A friend of mine just bought a Dell laptop off eBay cheap. She has no money and an MSN account. Another friend of mine is trying to get her new laptop setup cheaply.

It got me thinking…what are the free and/or inexpensive tools/downloads they should be checking out for protection, entertainment, and personal management?

I thought of some already such as:

That’s all I can think of right now. What else can be added to the list?

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  • how’d she pay for it with no money?

    actually….that’s a good idea. i keep forgetting about eBay as a place to buy laptops and stuff.

    eBay: the universal equalizer.

  • Helen

    My list…

    Treepad Lite
    and CCleaner that you mentioned in a previous post.

  • My list:

    AVG – for Anti-virus protection
    Flash Get – for fast downloads

    Eudora – for email – they have the lastest edition for free/use with a small ad (I use it all the time!).

  • Google desktop search
    iTunes if it didn’t come with the machine
    MaxMem to maximize the systems RAM
    Picasa for images

  • I’d add:
    Firefox browser
    Thunderbird for email
    Gaim for instant messaging

  • Firefox
    AVG AntiVirus
    Thunderbird for email