I’m sick of comment spammers

Sorry folks, but for a while if you leave a comment, you’ll have to jump through one little hoop now. You must type in a code provided by blogger to leave the comment. I’m going to see if this will slow down the spammers. Ugh.

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  • I did it too, Rob. I understand why you are doing it. Rob, while were on the topic of Blogger, are you using a standard template? If not, who hosts your CSS: Blogspot or someone else?

  • rob

    I am using a standard blogger template and then tweaked it. So blogger hosts it all. With blogger templates they have the CSS in the head of the template so it’s just one file.

    I am playing with WordPress also right now.

  • Changes are coming to my blog, but I am not sure how they will be implemented yet. However, the issue will be implementing them as quickly as possible.

  • Rob–

    You need to discuss WordPress on the blog.