welcome to my new digs

Well, well, well. Look what we have here! Rob’s got a new place.

Okay, I hate it when people talk in the third person. I’ll stop now.

I know that abandoning my old blog and moving over here I’ll lose some readers. Well, that’s okay. I guess it’s like pruning. Besides, I haven’t decided what to do with the old blog yet. But this will be where I’ll be for now. The ride will be a little bumpy, but it’ll be fun.

Since I’m starting over, I’m encouraging everyone who frequents this place (or the old place) to start over too. So today I’m announcing that I’m currently holding auditions for new readers.

I’ll be evaluating new readers based on a secret evaluation process. Every new reader has an equal opportunity to become a dedicated reader.

So, here’s how you can participate:

Now I realize many reading this post are readers in good standing and part of the community. For that, I thank you for your participation. If you would like to take the next step you can link to this blog in a post. If you’d like to accelerate your membership you can link to this blog in your sidebar or blog gutter.

Let the word spread throughout the blogsphere! Rob’s new place (the new Orangejack Blog) is holding new reader auditions!

[was that snarky enough for ya?]

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  • you dog….i’ve been flirting with going to wordpress…you will have to keep me posted as to how much you like it.

    as far as a new reader and new address…

    i’ll have to wait and see if the new rob is as corny as the old rob..ha ha ha

  • rob

    as my disclaimer says: The attempted humor is definitely Rob’s. No one else has that kind of humor.

  • I’m nervous. i’ve never had a web audition before. do i have anything between my teeth?

    how’d i do? am i IN?!?!?

  • rob

    Karin, you’re in! But next time bring some listerine.

  • I want to be a new reader! Pick me, pick me!!! PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE!!!!!

  • rob

    You have been chosen, Patricia.

  • Snark-a-licious

  • now, that listerine comment was snarky!

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  • Nice site, Rob! Went to read your other blog and found you had moved. Took your advice and blogrolled you!!

  • Nice job, Rob. You beat me to it, and I have lots of questions for you.

    How did you get WP to publish a multi-page site? Does it require multiple db’s on your hosting provider?
    What template did you use (is this a Kubrick variant?)
    Are you getting massive comment spam?
    Did you attempt to import your old blog entries? (WP can do this.)
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Congratulations on finally making the move!

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