bowden is classy


Oh man! How disappointing. Clemson lost in triple overtime to Miami. It was a heartbreaker.

Though I will say that Clemson didn’t look good most of the day. If not for a long run by Whitehurst in the second quarter and the last 7 minutes, the offense stunk it up overall. We couldn’t get our running game going at all. And Charley…Oh, Charley! He both kept us in the game and lost it for us and missed some key plays. He overthrew open guys all night including a potential game winner in the end zone. Our defense played great!

The game ended in triple OT with Whitehurst’s first interception of the year. In fact, it was another first that killed us and it wasn’t Charley’s fault. We hadn’t committed one penalty until a 45 yard field goal attempt. We jumped early and so Jad Dean missed his first FG for the year. Speaking of firsts, it was also the first time Clemson has lost in OT. If you had told me before the season we would be 2-1 at this point I’d be happy. And I am happy. It’s just that we were so close to 3-0!

But at the end of the game Bowden was being shown on TV taking a knee at midfield. I didn’t know what he was doing. He was teary. He knew how hard we fought and to come up that close…having it slip when we had it. I don’t know if he and Larry Coker shook hands or not. Bowden was at midfield while Cocker gave his interview to ABC. Coker ran off after the interview not to speak with Bowden (again, don’t know if they did it earlier).

But then I realized what Bowden was doing. He was mourning the loss AND respecting the students and players. He stood while Tiger band played the alma mater.

At the end of the song, students and fans waive their hand. Bowden did that at the right moment then turned and ran off the field. The announcers thought he was waving at Coker. He wasn’t.

Bowden was being classy.

I’ll close with a line I used to use all the time when I got back from church-league basketball…

We shoulda beat those jokers.

I’ll tell you one thing though. I don’t think Miami never thought in the first two games with Clemson they’d go 1-1 and go into OT each time.

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