rackin frackin garage door

I hate our garage door. I really do. I mean, I’m glad it’s there to protect all the empty boxes, trash cans, and half empty paint cans. I like that we can pull one car in the “two car garage” on a rainy day.

But dang the door on that thing is a pain!

To be more specific, it’s the electronics of it, not the door itself.

  1. The light has a mind of it’s own. If you lock the door with the opener, the light sometimes comes on. It was on for over a month while we were gone this summer.
  2. Only one opener works. So we keep the bad one (yes it has a fresh battery) in the truck that we keep in the driveway.
  3. But the biggest pain is about this time of year the door won’t shut well in the afternoons. I think the sunlight is too bright on the sensors and it continually trips it causing the door to go back up.

I just spent 5 minutes trying to get it down (electronically). I can do it manually, but then we can’t use the door again until it’s reengaged.

Some of you know that I used to work for a garage door company so before you go off on the irony of it all, just remember I dealt with the doors, springs, and tracks they ran on. All the electronic stuff came in a box. That was as far as I got with them.

Rackin frackin garage door.

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  • Try cementing a small piece of PVC pipe to the safety sensor so that it shields the lens from the sun. I know someone that was having similar problems, and when they did this, it solved the problem.

  • Patrick

    take the cardboard tube from a roll of tissue, cut it to fit over the sensor and secure it with tape. This should solve your problem