answering jerry

Jerry left some good questions in a previous comment about my switch. Here’s how I’d answer them today (for tomorrow’s answer might change!):

How did you get WP to publish a multi-page site? Does it require multiple db’s on your hosting provider?

this is one reason I switched. Creating pages in word press is built in. Instead of “writing a post” you “write a page” and it all was done automatically. It’s all one database. Nice way to create static pages.

What template did you use (is this a Kubrick variant?)

My template is Northern Web Coder. I tweaked it from there.

Are you getting massive comment spam?

Not yet. Don’t you start it either! I did get a plug-in called Spam Karma 2. We’ll see if it actually works.

Did you attempt to import your old blog entries? (WP can do this.)

No. Not yet anyway. I’m still trying to decide what to do with my old blg. I may move it in, may ftp it to a page in here, or just leave it. There are some things I want to keep. Some I don’t care about. Others I want to update. Stay tuned!

Inquiring minds want to know.

I know. That’s why I created a new post instead of answering in comments.

One last tip for me: it took a lot of help from a friend who understands php!

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  • Thanks, Rob. Very helpful – all but the last comment. I was hoping my PHP friend in this situation would be you! 🙂

  • Wonderful job! Please keep the tutorials on blogging.

  • Rob,
    Please do keep your tutorials on blogging. Your site was one of the first I started reading, after my son got me hooked into blogging! Thanks for the information you provided.