watching fantasy football

One problem with playing fantasy football is that it really messes up how you watch a game. I’m watching the Atlanta at Seattle game. Personally I’m pulling for Atlanta.

But in fantasy my opponent has Seattle RB Alexander. I have Seattle QB Hasselbeck. I also have the Atlanta TE Crumpler and Atlanta Defense.

The only thing I can really pull for is an Atlanta victory by Hasselbeck throwing really well, Crumpler catching a TD or two, and Alexander fumbling where the Atlanta Defense returns it for a TD.

Told you it’s messed up.

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  • Tom

    I’m watching the ATL-SEA game too. It is the only game I get over here and it is 11:30pm just before halftime. Let me know if the commentators say anything interesting because I’m only catching every 10th word in Hungarian. Most of those words are like “Touchdown”, “Pass”, and “Mikeel Veeek.”

    It is definately better than nothing which is what I got the first year I lived here. I’ll also get to watch the Monday night game on Tuesday night here. It is the fast version where they skip commercials and spaces between plays. I can see the whole thing in an hour and a half or so.

  • rob

    Well they didn’t say anything earth shattering. They are football announcers for heaven’s sakes.

    They even used the same words the Hungarian announcers used but they actually could say “Michael Vick”.