rita third strongest hurricane

hurricae ritaHurricane Rita is mean and nasty. This stuff makes me sick to my stomach.

As of tonight, Rita became the third strongest Atlantic hurricane recorded with winds sustained at 175 mph. They don’t determine intensity by wind speed but instead by pressure (the lower the more intense). Besides, at this strength there’s not a lot of difference in Category 4 or 5 (just ask New Orleans that got a Cat 4 Katrina).

Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes

  1. Gilbert (1998) at 888 mb
  2. Labor Day Hurricane (1935) at 892 mb
  3. Rita (2005) at 897 mb
  4. Allen (1980) at 899 mb
  5. Katrina (2005) at 902 mb

Source: Wikipedia

Don’t be surprised if Rita overtakes the Labor Day Hurricane while in the Gulf but weaken when it lands in Texas. They just said on the Weather Channel that Rita is like a tornado the size of Georgia.

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  • My mom lives just outside of Texas. 75 and this is her first hurricane. She is more than a little worried and upset, as I am, for her. They have had folks from their prison ministry team over helping them board things up today and they are leaving in the morning for ‘parts unknown.’ (They’re really not sure where to go)

    I talked to her just a little while ago, and she said the traffic on the roads is so bad now that it is taking people 10 to 12 hours just to cover 20 miles. That doesn’t sound good at all.

    I’m hoping and praying they can get out safely tomorrow.

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