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Dang. Clemson lost again in overtime. This time it was to Boston College 13-16.

I don’t feel Clemson played great. Our defense did okay at times, but couldn’t tackle. Bowden felt fine playing for overtime with about 1:30 left in the game and it almost bit him. I don’t understand why we’re not pulling these overtime games out.

We’re now 2-2 (1-2 ACC) and we have allowed 4 more points than we’ve scored. Guess that’s why. That and we’ve only convereted 3 third downs in 28 tries the last two games (none today).

But what I really don’t get was the post-game interview of Boston College coach Tom O’Brien. He was asked on TV what he thought about the BC effort. His response:

A tremendous effort. You know we came in, we didn’t have our quarterback, we’re missing a couple of guys, we hung in there in this heat. Us boys from the north didn’t melt. Now they know that the yankees can play.

Huh? What’s his deal about the north and yankees and all? Did I miss something? That seemed uncalled for.

But anyway, congrats to BC. They beat us in Death Valley. Dang.

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  • B.B.

    Clemson should fire Tommy B. right now, b/c he sucks. We should never lose to Wake. He is ruining football at Clemson. We should not even let him ride the team bus back to Clemson!