presidential food

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My wife and I were just discussing this. You know how each President of the US has a favorite food? For example:

  • Jimmy Carter liked peanuts
  • Ronald Regan liked jelly beans
  • George Bush liked, uh, I don’t remember. I know it wasn’t broccoli though.
  • Bill Clinton liked M&Ms
  • George W Bush likes, uh, dang. What’s with the Bush guys? UPDATE: Seems it’s Mexican food.

So anyway, if I were President mine would be candy corn (Farley’s to be exact). Patricia’s would be chocolate chip cookies.

What would yours be (or either Bush)?

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  • Brian McCurry

    I’m not with you on the candy corn. Looks too much like rotten teeth. Any correlation? My vote would be for Little Debbie’s. Banana Twins to be exact.

  • rob

    Well I couldn’t argue with Little Debbie also. But Banada Twins? I must discount your vote for poor judgement. You gotta go Swiss Cake Roll or Nutty Bars

  • Brian McCurry

    It’s the uniqueness of the BT that makes it #1. There are lots of creamy chocolate and P-butter delights in the world, but only 1 BT!

  • rob

    There’s a reason there’s only 1 like that…no one else will dare make it! 😉

  • I hope this counts…mine is anything Chick-fil-a with sweet tea.

  • Like you said, mine would be chocolate chip cookies.

  • Bill

    Chocolate — no wait — steak — no wait — shrimp — maybe chocolate shrimp steak — maybe steak and shrimp and chocolate!

  • rob

    that’s just gross