• Jo

    Hey Rob, How come when I view your blog in Internet Explorer it’s huge?

    Also, what is the significance of orange jack? Hope that’s not a stupid question.


  • rob

    Not a dumb question at all! We address that on our main website, but here’s the answer we have there:

    Some have asked if the name Jack is Rob’s nickname. Others have asked if orange is his favorite color of if the name refers to Rob’s orange hair. We even had one person ask if it was a recipe for a mixed drink of Jack Daniels and Orange Schnapps. The answer is: it’s just a random name. Here’s the story: one day Rob was trying to think of a random name and, yes, he started with his favorite color, orange (it’s one of Patricia’s favorites also). Then he started thinking of some inanimate object to match it. The first thing that popped into his head was a jack. Thus “orangejack” was born.