eye hurt

Have you ever got a scratch on your eyeball? Man it hurts! I scratched my eye this morning I guess when I rubbed it waking up. I don’t know.

All I know is it really hurts. I went to the eye doc today and they gave me some drops that are helping some. I go back tomorrow for a follow-up.

Man this really hurts. That eye has been red, itchy, painful, and raining all day. My nose has been runny too so now it’s sore. My vision is fine. Just painful.

UPDATE: I slept okay last night. I took some Tylenol Sinus I think and a sleeping pill. It hurt trying to get my eyes shut last night but once the meds kicked in I was out pretty easily. This morning it was tough to get my eye open again and I’m right back to where I left off last night. It hurts. Maybe not as much, but it still feels like someone is pricking my eyeball with a needle.

UPDATE: I went back for my follow-up appointment today. I’m feeling better and and cornea is healing up. I go back Friday. The weird thing is the doc told me there are 48 states that allow eye docs to prescribe pain meds. Florida is not one of them. So Tylenol it is…and I can’t wear my contacts all week.

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  • Jo

    Sorry you got something in your eye. Maybe it’s a beam. 😉

  • I know how it feels. I have an eye infection right now. So itchy and I have to put drops in my eyes. No contacts for 5 days which means I have to wear my ugly glasses

  • Bill

    Hope it’s better