power of a penny

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Our local Panera Bread is a great place to get coffee in the morning. I’ve done it hundreds of times. Literally.

They’ve run different promotions for coffee that I think have been great. A couple years ago they sold a special coffee mug that was “bottomless” for the entire year. What a promotion! I — and many others — drank a LOT of coffee that year. And it kept me coming back instead of going to Starbucks or Barnie’s Coffee.

Well they couldn’t keep that promotion up all the time, no doubt. But what they did the next year was run a deal that if you come in with your own travel mug, you can fill it for $1 even. They even setup a box where you could drop in a buck and go get your coffee. Kind of the honor system.

They’ve kept it that way for a couple years now I suppose…and I like it. It’s the best cheaper coffee around.

But today I found out it doesn’t cost $1 anymore. Within the last two weeks they raised the price. You know how much? 1 cent.

Now it costs me $1.01. Now, I don’t care about the price, but why do this? It’s annoying. That one penny actually takes away the convience factor. I don’t carry coins (I’m not Canadian). That penny is almost enough of an annoyance that I don’t want to bother with it.

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  • i never did like panera