hokies are tough

Flickr photo originally uploaded by virge.

Anyone else on the Virginia Tech bandwagon? They are really impressive this year. My wife is a Hokie and so I’m a fan too. I still like to make fun of their color combo, but they can play some great football!

With their win today, they go to 5-0 on the season (620-414-46 (0.595) all time) and Coach Frank Beamer goes to 182-100-4 (0.643) at VT. On the season so far they have outscored their opponents 195-40 (or 39-8 average game).


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  • You know I’m on that Hokie band wagon. But then, I’ve been on it since way before it was a band wagon. Growing up in Roanoke, I’ve just always been a Hokie fan. And finally it is ‘cool’ to be a Hokie!

  • Marshall

    what do u mean by our color combo! u ovbiously aint no hokie man.