does size really matter?

Steve is asking the question: Does Shorter = Better? in regards to blog posts. There’s some interesting discussion on it there too.

My take on it is it really depends…but probably shorter is better. It depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish with the post. For some of my blog tips and tutorials, longer is better…if I use white space, headers, bold, etc to make it scan-able. But for other topics, probably shorter is better.

Why? Well, I think people come to most blogs wanting to get in and get out. Hit me with your topic. I give you 5 seconds if I don’t know you, 15 if I trust you. Hook me and I’ll stay…but don’t make me read forever.

Then again, if I’m motivated to read more because it’s interesting and relevant to me, then I’ll stick around.

Bottom line? I’d say keep most posts short unless you really need to go longer. If you want to cover a couple topics, do it in a couple posts.

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