hurricane records

Found this on today:

  • Most Tropical Storms in One Season: 21 (1933)
  • Most Named Storms in One Season: 19 (1995 – Ended with Tanya)
  • This Season as of Today: 19 Named Storms (most recent was Tammy)

They also point out that TS Tammy is the earliest 19th storm ever:

  • 1933: the nineteenth storm (no name) formed Oct 25
  • 1995: the nineteenth storm (Tanya) formed Oct 27
  • 2005: the nineteenth storm (Tammy) formed Oct 5

There’s still plenty of time for more. And today, we’re getting wet again. Not from Tammy, but from a piece of Hurricane Stan the broke off as “tropical energy”. It’s coming right up Florida and could become Vince.

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