serenity now

I’ve recently discovered a nice and relaxing thing to do: drive with the windows down and the radio off.

Sounds too elementary, doesn’t it? Okay, maybe not elementary. Elementary kids can’t drive. But it does seem simplistic though.

I love music. My second biggest fear is to go deaf (my biggest fear is to go blind). I love sound. I love music.

Now I’m really diggin’ the sound of the wind, the sound of my truck changing gears, the sounds of vehicles going by, and sometimes the birds chirping. It’s really relaxing.

Maybe I should digitally record it and start podcasting it, eh? LOL! 😉

While driving I spend my time thinking, praying, or just listening. It’s been very refreshing. Maybe if the weather permits it for you and you’re commuting by yourself, give it a shot. Take the time to relax, pray, think, and listen.

Who knows what kind of good might come out of it.

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  • Helen

    I agree! I love having church in my car!

  • Bill

    I do that a lot myself!

  • Everyone who listens to the radio in their car/truck constantly should try turning it off and see how wonderful it feels. I love being quiet. I never listen to music – just talk shows, but they can also get on your nerves. I often ride without any noise, talking to the Lord, or singing myself. As Helen said – it’s nice to have church in the car.