books to read

At the end of the week I’m going on a trip for a few weeks. Some I’ll be working, some I’ll be on vacation. I’m trying to decide what books to take with me. Since I just finished The Tipping Point by Gladwell, I figured I’d ask the blogoshphere magic 8 ball.

Here’s the shake of the blogosphere magic 8 ball…

It’s coming up…

Thanks blogosphere magic 8 ball! Now will you be even more magical by providing more thoughts and commentary in the comments section of this post?

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  • maybe.


    ask again later.

    i’m confused. are we supposed to suggest any book or just vote on one of the three you offered?

    my vote: the grisham book.

  • rob

    blogosphere magic 8 balls don’t get confused.

    I’m taking all three.

  • Read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe first.

  • W. B. Busin

    Whether on vacation or not, get Nancy Pearcey’s book “Total Truth”. perhaps the best book written on thinking, theology, and how atheist philosophers (e.g., Emerson) from many years ago are directly influencing and controling the discussion in all of our culture, such as the ubiquitous standards “moral relativism”.

    Very well written, easy to read … not easy to get all the way through due to the time you spend thinking.

    Pearcey was a protege of Francis A. Schaeffer. She has also penned “How Now Shall We Live”.

    You won’t be lending this one out, but you’ll tell them to get thir own!

    Here’s the Amazon link for more info

    God bless

    W.B. Busin