seven undefeated

Going into tonight’s Virginia Tech game against Maryland, there are only 7 Div 1-A schools undefeated. Fanblogs has a great rundown of how it might turn out for each. Here’s the list (in BCS ranking order):

  • Southern Cal
  • Texas
  • Virginia Tech
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Texas Tech
  • UCLA

Who do you think will make it? Fanblogs points out that 4 is the max that can make it. Either Texas or Texas Tech will drop this week. USC and UCLA play later in the season. If UGA and Bama win out they play for the SEC championship.

I think Texas has the best shot of the 7 to make it. I don’t think USC will make it. VT might. I’ll say they won’t (but pulling that they do). And I think both SEC schools won’t make it either. Nor will UCLA.

So I’m taking only Texas to go undefeated. But hoping the Hokies make it too.

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