clemson beats temple


Well that wasn’t too hard to do, but still happy. I’m mostly happy that I was able to go! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a game. Almost the entire family went which was both good and bad. Good for the community aspect, bad because we, uh, well, took longer to get in the gate so I missed the Tigers running down the hill. Oh well.

Clemson looked just okay. We always play to our competion. It was almost 17-7 at the half if we hadn’t recovered a fumble at the 4 with a couple seconds left. What I commented to my dad was what I didn’t like was that we were letting Temple believe they could win. We were giving them hope.

Thankfully we put it away in the second half. This was Tommy Bowden’s 80th game at Clemson. He’s won 48 of them puting him at 0.600 overall. That’s it. That’s not good enough.

Jeff liveblogged the game.

But we had fun. I’ve posted several photos from the game on Flickr. Here’s one last one for this blog (for now anyway!)


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  • Rob,

    According to your picture, we didn’t sit too far from each other. Hey, it was a beautiful day, with family, and the Tigers won. Hard to complain about that on any day.

    What did you think of the West End Zone? Impressive huh?

  • rob

    Yeah, WEZ looks very interesting. I can’t wait! Of course I’ll have to. Bummer.

    It was a good day with a victory, family, and just being at a Clemson game!

    We were in section R. Not bad seats. That photo was after the “saftey” we got that wasn’t called. 😉