update on wilma in orlando

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Wanted to give a quick update on what I know right now about Hurricane Wilma in Orlando.

I’m watching several sites and I’ve gotten an email from a neighbor. Seems things are okay at home right now. Looking at the WeatherUnderground station history for Orlando the strongest gusts have been around 35 mph so far. My neighbor said he’s had about 3 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.

A site with a little more local stats is this one for Azalea Park. They are reporting winds closer to 30 mph.

Tornados are touching down in the area. One apparently near work, but more out on the east coast around Melbourne. The temps are really cool comparatively and will be cool tonight and tomorrow. That’s one reason they say we have more of a risk of tornados.

Zoom in on this Google Map Plotter and you can see Hurricane Wilma landed just south of Naples and looks to head out around Palm Beach.

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  • You have to see this amazing satellite image of Hurricane Wilma over Florida!

  • Wilma is still moving through. We are near Orlando Int’l Airport and outside the hurricane force portion of the storm, but are experiencing what they call “Tropical force” winds. Translation: the rain is blowing sideways, but not upside down 🙂

    We are still getting heavy wind and rain, but only minor leaks around the windows, and no damage to walls, ceilings or floors.

    Our power flickered a few times early this morning, but has stayed on since then. From my windows, I can see small limbs down but no fallen trees yet. No flooding in our neighborhood, either.

  • rob

    Thanks for the update, Russ. Keep them coming!

  • Kim Moseler

    We live next door to Rob and Patricia and things are doing better now. Our electricity has flickered a few times, but never went out. It’s been raining and it’s been pretty windy, but nothing compared to Charley last year, praise God! I peeked next door and things are perfect over there too. The temperature has dropped to 59 and we are looking forward to opening up the windows in about 2 hours when things are supposed to be cleared out. They say that we should be able to see the sunset tonight!