sub gender

Today we went to Subway for lunch. There was a lady in front of me ordering about 4 subs for work. Here was the conversation as best as I remember it for the fourth sub:

Subway Guy: And what toppings do you want for the fourth sub?

Customer Lady: Oh! I’m not sure. Just put whatever you’d normally put on that sandwich.

Subway Guy: Is it for a guy or a girl?

Customer Lady: A girl.

The Subway Guy went at it adding toppings that I as a guy would not be offended to eat. Both the Customer Lady and I snickered at the question and wondered what toppings were “male oriented” and what were “female oriented”.

I suppose subs do have gender bias based on toppings.

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  • Toppings are most certainly gender biased! Boys get the pukey peppers and onions and black olives. Girls get the less abrasive lettuce and cucumbers.

  • rob

    Well if that’s the case, Karin, Subway Guy got it all wrong. He was told it was for a girl and I know he put on black olives and the bannanna peppers. I don’t remember what all else he used.

  • Subway Guy’s a moron. Or gender confused.