spam karma 2

I installed a plugin for WordPress called Spam Karma 2. Here’s why I like it. I have not “tightened down my security” on comment spam which SK2 will allow. Right now it’s set to the out of the box settings. Yet it’s still working well for me.

I got this report this morning emailed to me:

There have been 1 comment spams caught since the last digest report 1 day, 11 hours ago.

Spam summary report:

Report on comment number 1 (id=133)
Comment Author: online casino
Comment Type: Comment
Comment Content:
Nice job 🙂 Keep it up buddy! online casino ( http:// URL removed )

Spam Karma 2 Report:
Encrypted Payload: bad_karma -2.5: Encrypted payload valid: IP not matching.
Javascript Payload: bad_karma -10: Fake Javascript Payload.
Overall Karma: -12.5

In the event this had been an actual comment worthy of posting, I could go into the admin settings and approve it. But alas, I don’t know the guy ‘online casino’. Perhaps one day we’ll meet and become friends. But until then, he’s bad spam karma (2!)

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