weird resturants

I’ve been to two restaurants in as many days and had bad service. I don’t understand how these establishments would be this bad. Let me call them out:

Arizona Steakhouse in Simpsonville, SC
Food was fine. I got “blackened catfish”. But it wasn’t blackened. It was spicy and red. But it tasted fine so that was okay.

But service was horrible. The waiter didn’t care about us. He wasn’t rude. But he wasn’t ever helpful either. My nieces got ice-cream to split and they didn’t bring spoons. We asked twice to two different people to bring spoons. After several minutes we saw our waiter just hanging out talking to his buddies. So Patricia got up, walked over to him, and asked him for the spoons. He asked “How many do you need?” He had no clue.

in Simpsonville, SC
I’ve never really had good experiences at Applebee’s. I wanted to give them another chance. They are “back on the list”. The floor was filthy and they never swept it up to clean it. In fact, they sat people at the dirty table!

I ordered the “Sizzling Chicken Skillet”. It’s a Weight Watchers dish apparently. It came out warm but not sizzling. When I asked about it he said, “Yeah, that one doesn’t sizzle.” Huh?

Then they never cleared our plates. After bringing me the check, my paying, and him returning it to sign it, they still didn’t clear my empty plate. I had to push everything out of the way in order to sign the check.

What pitiful service I’ve received in these restaurants. I wonder if anyone from these places are listening.

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  • ashley

    wow give the places a break i can understand if its nasty and unclean and all then yea i wouldn’t eat there either but im a server and its a pain in the ass dealing with people. we don’t cook the food we bring it out when it comes up and people need to remember were human too we all make mistakes