vacation image originally uploaded by dougb61.

This afternoon my wife and I are finally going to begin some real vacation. We’ve been wanting it for a while and finally taking it.

We’ll be in Roan Mountain, TN for a week. The hills of Tennessee should be beautiful while we’re there. We should have some crisp and cold weather and we won’t have any technology! That’s something we’re both looking forward to and also curious how long it’ll last! LOL!

So I don’t plan to check email, blog, talk on a phone, or watch TV this week (we do have some DVDs on laptops so…). I hope to just relax, read, pray, think, enjoy the weather, beauty, my wife, and take photos. Maybe I’ll have some good ones to add to the small collection of Roan Mountain photos on Flickr (where I got the photo above).

See you next weekend.

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