walt is lost…and talking backwards

I’ve really gotten into the hit show Lost. I’ve been catching up on Season 1 and need to get it finished. It’s a really good show full of twists and mysteries.

One of the mysteries I want to figure out is the “whispers”. They were on again last night…twice. A few on the show have heard them. I know that Sayid, Charlie, Jack, Sawyer, Shannon, and Rousseau have heard them. Rousseau claims that the others whisper in the jungle. I’m not so sure. “The Others” never seem to show up when “the whispers” show up. And a couple weeks ago “the others” were seen walking barefoot but there weren’t any whispers, were there?

Now that Walt is missing, he’s been showing up to Shannon and now Sayid. But each time he’s dripping pouring wet and talking nonsense. Turns out Walt is speaking backwards. Or maybe that’s just the way it’s edited. But I doubt it.

I think Walt has joined “the whisperers”. Last night he was there with them, but for some reason can visually appear. As for the water, I wonder if he drowned and then got caught up in some ghostly nether-world.

Great show!

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  • Josh

    Walt is talking backwards on Episode 1 and Episode 6, I reversed it using sound recorder, he says “press the button, no button’s bad” and “they’re coming and they’re close”

  • rob

    Josh, what was the context of the first time? I’m trying to remember. I remember the second when Shannon was killed. I know Shannon heard him the first time also, but what was the context that he’s talk about a button? I just can’t remember!

  • Kristin

    The button I think that they were talking about is the button that they have to push every so often inside the hatch after typing the series of numbers that were on that lottery ticket. (I think?)