lost others

lostSo tonight on Lost we not only learned about the Tailies, but “the others”. Right now I’m more interested in them. There was a guy (can’t remember his name now), Goodwin, who blended in with the tailies just like Ethan did with the main castaways. He said they take strong and good people.

I don’t believe him that they only take good people.

But it makes me wonder about these guys who have come into the tribes: Ethan and the guy tonight. Is there a class system among the others? The stronger and more intelligent blend in? And remember Desmond? Dude was strong too. Where did he run to when he left? Could he have joined the others?

There’s got to be a connection with the others and the Dharma group’s experiments…and even the boatbillies.

We also got the answer about who Boone talked to on the radio just before his death. Bummer that.

So many questions…so little answers. I feel lost! 😉

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  • I am wondering where Desmond went to you as well. But last night’s episode did explain what was going on when Ana Lucia shot Shannon. Here’s my question: I wonder what Ana Lucia’s job is in the real world? Cop? Navy Seal? Army? She seems to be a good fighter, good with weapons and she’s a gifted leader.

  • rob

    Well, there is a potential answer (spoiler) here if you’re interested.