clemson beats carolina…again


Clemson beats South Carolina 13-9. No matter how the game is played, it’s always good to beat South Carolina. The Clemson seniors have never lost to the Gamecocks. The Carolina seniors never beat us. We’re now 64-35-4 (0.631) against the Gamecocks.

It feels good.

Both of us finish at 7-4 for the year and await our bowl invites.

That takes Clemson to their all-time record of 608-416-45 (0.590) and Bowden to 51-33 (0.607). South Carolina all-time is now 502-516-44 (0.493) and Spurrier to 7-4 (0.636) as a Gamecock.

An interesting stat is that Clemson’s Davis ran for 141 yards on 26 carries while Carolina’s Davis ran for 109 on 21. Meanwhile Clemson’s Whithurst threw for 175 yards and 2 INT while Carolina’s Mitchell threw for 181 and 3 INTs. The big difference though was Clemson’s Davis’ touchdown. That was enough to win…again. The dumbest stat that everyone is quoting now is that Spurrier is 5-8-1 against Bowden-coached teams.

Ain’t rivalry week fun?

This win over 19th ranked Carolina is the second top 25 team Clemson has beaten in as many weeks (we beat 16th ranked Florida State last week 35-14) taking our total of beating ranked teams to 3 on the year (we also beat 17th ranked Texas A&M). Oh, one other fun stat: when we win, we win by an average score of 31-15. When we lose, it’s an average score of 20-23 (we lost to Miami in 3OT, Boston College in OT, GA Tech by 1 and Wake Forest (that stank) by 4).

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  • Vanderbilt 28
    Tennessee 24

    And tomorrow I have to go sit on the other side of the cube wall from a Clemson alum. Shuddup.

  • Bill

    Yea — rivalry week is real fun! In a kidding way I agree with Mike!


    HOW ABOUT THEM GAMECOCKS 2006 OUTPLAYED THEM CLEMSON TIGERS IN DEATH VALLEY WOOO easy win CLemson kicker suppposedly good hmm missed a 39 yd attempt sad… but hey its ok Maybe it was tipped but hey clemson took a hard loss ouch!

  • rob

    @GAMECOCKFAN1983 : Congrats man. Did you see my earlier post about this year?