photography class

I’m thinking about taking a photography class in the new year. But I don’t know what to take. I found some local photography classes at Crealdé School of Art. But I don’t know what to take.

I don’t know the basics and I don’t care much about film (I’d rather do digital). But I don’t know if I should take the combo class instead. I’m not that interested in learning about developing film and I don’t think I want to take a class now specializing on architecture, landscape, etc. I think I want a basics kind of class.

I’ve tried contacting the prof but haven’t heard back so I dunno. I feel like I have a decent eye (these are some of my better photos). I don’t get a lot of comments on my photos so it makes me wonder. I know I have a lot to learn.

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  • karin

    i’m pretty sure my mom took the photography class at Crealde and LOVED it! or, she took one at Valencia East. Either way, go for it! You’ll only get better.

  • OK, Rob, you posted this, and now you have me thinking about taking a class in the spring. I know I don’t have room for a darkroom, but I really would love to learn darkroom technique.

  • Rob, Let me know what you find out. I would interested in taking a photography class sometime. And like you, I am interested in digital. It might be more fun to take a class together.

    I checked out a book from Orange County Library called, Rick Sammons Complete Guide to Digital Photography. It was pretty good and I picked up several things from it from how to take better or more interesting pictures to some uses of Photoshop in editing pictures or making them better. I will probably check it out again in the future.