clemson football – a consistent winner


Jason over at CU Sporting News has done some interesting research:

Fewest losing campaigns since 1977, among present AP Top 25:
1. Michigan – 0
2. Ohio State – 1
3. Florida – 2
4. Southern Cal., Miami, Clemson – 3
5. Georgia – 4
6. Texas, Penn. St., Alabama – 5
7. Notre Dame – 6
8. Virginia Tech – 7
9. UCLA, West Virginia, Fresno State – 8
10. Texas Tech, Georgia Tech – 10

In other Clemson news, Clemson running back James Davis is named the ACC Rookie of the Year.

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  • How about the “Most Mediocre Seasons since 1977”. I’m sure quite a few of those teams in your list would make this one, notably Clemson, GA Tech, and Wsst Virginia. A silly statistic like fewest losing campaigns is right up there with GA Tech fans saying that they have one of the best bowl game winning percentages of all time. Of course the fail to mention that there hasn’t been a bowl of consequence in almost 15 years. The Poulon Weedeater Bowl shouldn’t count. FYI – I’m a big Tech fan but an honest one.

  • rob

    Oh you’re right about that. I’ve complained before that Clemson can’t seem to get over the mediocre season. We’re always around the 6-5/7-4 record. But the point of this post was to point out that although we’ve barely cleared the bar a few times, we have indeed done it…and not many others have. We’re in good company.