Right now in my headphones is the one-hit wonder “How Bizarre” by OMD. What is really bizarre at this moment is I’ve just found out there was a murder at the apartments where we used to live here in Orlando back in 99-00.

Orange County sheriff’s deputies are searching for the man who stabbed his wife, 13-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter. It happened just before 10pm Tuesday at the Cypress Lake at Waterford Apartments on Alafaya Trail.

I found out about it because Ben and Kelly live there now.

Then on top of that, I read that a blog-buddy of mine experienced a murder at the church he pastors (well, not associated with his church, the TV coverage was there — oh just read it, I’m too tired to explain it).

How bizarre.

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  • Correction, this is the church that I was a member of before I pastored the church in Cairo, and it’s the church I re-joined when I returned from Cairo.

  • Sorry if that sounded terse, Rob.

    I’m sorry to hear about the murder in your friend’s (and your former) apartment complex. God help us all.

  • rob

    I didn’t think it terse at all!

  • J A Greer

    ON a trivial note, the song, “how bizarre” by OMD is the only worldwide #1 hit by a group or singer from New Zealand. Amazing, huh?

  • rob

    Why that’s not amazing…that’s bizarre!

  • When I heard the screams of the woman, I thought to myself, “I wonder if thereis someone really in trouble or if it’s just horseplay.” Thirty minutes later I heard sirens and the helicopters landing. I hope that the two women will recover. The son’s wounds don’t sound life threatening. It sounds like father is not sorry at all. I just don’t understand what would make someone that angry at his family.