east coast football club update


This weekend I play the Arkansas Hairballs coached by Coach English. After that I have to play Rev Bill coached by Coach Hayes. I’m 6-6 after beating the Budapest Brawlers coached by Coach Seely.

That puts me one game back in the division (behind English and Seely) with two to go. Two more for the playoffs so I’ve gotta go 4-0 now! It’s strange to be only one game back with two to go and still be 10 out of 12 in the power rankings.

With Domanick Davis and Kevan Barlow banged up this week, I might have to go drastic and start Ricky Williams and JJ Arrington! Now I know why I’m 10th of 12! LOL!

I just hope my Orlando Chupacabras can pull it off!

Oh yeah, this is the logo I did for our league this year. This is the logo from last season.

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  • Bill

    The “guru” hasn Brawlers and Rev “even” — the next 2 weeks should be fun! I’m out of the SB bracket — now my role is to be the “spoiler” for Tom and you! 🙂