weird dream

I’m sitting in my backyard when I look up and I see what must have been a thirty-foot fish “swimming” in the sky. I’d say he was flying because it was in the sky but it moved like it was swimming. It was black and silver and looked kind of like a sailfish. But instead of the dorsal fin webbed like normal, the fin was made up of all black spikes.

So it’s swimming along then all of a sudden another fish, bigger than the first swims up behind it giving chase. It looked like a whale. Not sure what kind, but the kind with a small mouth at the bottom of a huge noggin. It must have been fifty feet long.

The whale swooped in on the other fish and bumped it on a turn. The whale pulled up and swam off. The other fish went into a nose-dive straight into my next-door neighbor’s backyard. While it was falling his mouth was open and there were morsels floating in front of his mouth.

I ran inside to get a camera but by the time I got back out there was a crowd and I couldn’t get a good shot or look at it. I went around to the front of the house where I saw my neighbor and he said he had a photo of the fish already on his blog. So I went back inside and logged onto his blog and started skimming until I came to the text link to the photo.

I woke up before I clicked through.

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