ucf playing for a championship

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UCF is taking on Tulsa for the Conference-USA Championship today at noon on ESPN. This is big for the Golden Knights here in Orlando.

  • This is their first year in C-USA
  • This is the first C-USA championship game
  • UCF is hosting this game in Orlando
  • Coach George O’Leary is a legit candidate for Coach of the Year
  • With a win today, UCF is one game away from the biggest turnaround in NCAA Div 1-A history
  • Win or lose, UCF will go to their first bowl game EVER

Yup, Orlando is all excited about this game.

UPDATE: Per the ESPN coverage, Hawaii has the record for the biggest turnaround measured at +8.5 games. UCF currently has a +8 game turnaround so a victory today or in a bowl would break the record.
UPDATE: At the end of the 1st quarter, Tulsa leads UCF 14-7.
UPDATE: Not a lot of defense in the 2nd quarter. At halftime, Tulsa leads UCF 31-27.
UPDATE: At the end of the 3rd quarter, Tulsa leads UCF 41-27. It’s not looking too good for the Knights. The three turnovers haven’t helped either.
UPDATE: Well that didn’t work out as planned for UCF. Tulsa won 44-27. Coming out of halftime with less points than your opponent and then not scoring any more will do that to you. We now await a bowl invite probably from the GMAC Bowl.
UPDATE: UCF will play Nevada on Christmas Eve in the Hawaii Bowl.

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