blog glossary

I’ve noticed people are confused about certain blog terms. What’s a trackback? What’s a blogroll? What is aggregation?

Then they ask, “What blog software should I use?” I’ve moved from blogger to WordPress and love it. But don’t take my word for it…check out this article called Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool?

It’s very nice in that it explains many key terms and talks about some of the pros and cons of different blog tools. They even provide a very handy dandy chart comparison!

Here’s my quick take on blogs: A blog is:

  • a technology that allows people to put content online very quickly and easily
  • a social network because of comments, trackbacks, and blogrolls
  • a content managing system because of built in archiving
  • a website
  • it’s not a journal by teens — that’s just it’s most known application

Thanks to the WonderDawg for the tip on the article.

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