batman sez

My friend Rachel has finally seen Batman – The Movie (the one with Adam West and Burt Ward). She’s listed her favorite quotes from the movie and I just had to bring them over here!

1) Batman: “Hand me down the shark repelant bat spray!”
“That was an unfortuante animal who happened to swallow a floating mine. I wouldln’t worry about that.”

2) Batman: “If Robin and I were to remove our masks, the secret of our identities would be revealed.”
Reporter: “But your so curious costumes…”
Robin: “Don’t be put off by them ma’am. Under this garb we’re perfectly ordinary Americans…Support your police! That’s our message!”
Batman: “Well said Robin.”

3) A riddle and its solution….
Riddle (read by Batman): “What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree and is very dangerous?”
Robin: “A sparrow with a machine gun!”

4) Batman: “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

5) Robin: “Holy hallucination Batman!”
Batman: “I wish it were Robin. But it’s 5 dehydrated pirates re-hydrated!”

6) Batman: “Are you alright Robin?”
Robin: “Yes Batman. Thanks to that anti-penguin-gas pill.”

7) Batman: “Robin, listen to these riddles and tell me if you interpret them as I do. One – What has yellow skin and writes?”
Robin: “A ball-point banana!”
Batman: “Right. Two – What people are always in a hurry?”
Robin: ” Russing people…Russians!”
Batman: “Right again! Now what would you say they mean?”
Robin: “Banana, Russia. I’ve got it! Someone Russian is gonna slip on a banana peel and break their neck!”
Batman: “Precisely Robin!”


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