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I finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia a few weeks ago — all 7 books. Tonight we saw the movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was fantastic!

What I thought was the most impressive was Tilda Swinton‘s portrayal of Jadis, the White Witch. She was perfect. Beautiful. Graceful. Powerful. Intimidating. Cunning. I’ve never been so impressed by someone’s casting for a specific role.

Loved Aslan though we thought his voice would be deeper. Liam Neeson‘s voice was great, but I guess I had hoped for a more James Earl Jones-ish voice. But Aslan can’t be Darth Vader so we had to settle for Qui-Gon Jinn instead.

The kids were great. Loved all four. My Awards:

Best Scene: Jadis asks Aslan how she could trust that he would keep his promise. Aslan, without hesitation, roared a deep and loud roar that opened Jadis’ eyes wide and sat her down in reverent fear.

Best Character: Lucy. She’s so sweet to watch. Her smile and laugh was genuine.

Unexplained Moment: There was one scene I didn’t get. When Lucy found the wardrobe the first time, as she approached, there was a fly near a window that looked to be flying upside down. What’s the deal with that?

Best Line: Susan says, “Did that bird just psssst us?”

Best Actor: As mentioned above, Swinton was a perfect Jadis.

Best Moment: Silence before the battle, then the cat fight to start it.

Best Allegory: Well, the whole story is an allegory for heaven’s sake!

Funniest Moment: This one I give to a kid sitting behind us. During one of the snow sleigh scenes, he starts singing “Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh…” He got through the full verse.

Overall, it was a very good movie. Go see it.

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  • I agree, the battle scene was really cool with the cats running out and meeting each other first. If I were the one calling the shots, the tigers would have been on the good side.

  • Good review. I read all seven books at least three times and just saw the movie this weekend. I also reviewed it on my blog, Ramblings and Rhetoric.

    I agree with you on the best actor and the best scene.

    GREAT movie.

  • rob

    gotigersjf, I noticed that too. I felt better though realizing that the tigers were white! 😉

  • I think that the fly came from the closet? hehehehe!!
    i love the scences you picked as BEST. and I agree that Lucy is the best actress there. I mean.. her laugh.. yeah.. it’s like she is really laughing and enjoying the moment and not just acting it out..ya?? i really really like her.

    and the white witch.. yeah.. she is also did a great job acting.. she is so pretty and evil at the same time.

    and the catfight!! whoa!! cheetahs (are those cheetahs?) vs white lions (are those white lions?) hehhehe!! and that silent thing.. i know I’ve seen that technique before.. LotR maybe?

  • Two words: SPOILER WARNING!

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